Friday, May 23, 2008

Well, it certainly has been awhile, huh? I've tried to get back on here multiple times in the past 5 weeks, and it just wasn't happening. It all began with a nasty case of writer's block, which led to a worse case of low self esteem and self doubt, which has now fed into an exciting case of "I'm way too busy to blog-itis".

I always forget how busy spring can be. We spend way more time outside (which automatically means less time on the computer for me) and it seems that even though we don't go to school, classes and activities that we participate in all tend to culminate and celebrate for weeks and weeks.

But the main factor contributing to my absence of late is that I am starting a non-profit and I am completely and totally consumed. The whole idea came up about 10 months ago when I decided to ditch my car. Up until recently I was on the slow-track. I had all the time in the world to cultivate and nurture my vision and although I was excited to see it through, I was in no hurry. A few weeks ago, I was invited to attend an important networking conference, and that's when my life took a dramatic turn. Ever since, it seems my unschooling life has been schoolin' me.

My casual, laid back existence of life without deadlines and schedules has taken a major hit. Not that I'm complaining, it has just crept up on me quickly, and the kids and I are scrambling to adjust. I've been thinking lots about how my unschooling life fits into to all this change and I'm certainly encountering loads of great blog material, but for now, I'm going to try to ease into a state of balance. It's a challenge. I tend to jump into projects with both feet, balance will be key.

In the meantime, I wrote my first grant this week (yikes, talk about schoolish-ness), have flown across the country to attend meetings which require a dress code (dress code? I thought for sure they were joking), and trying to learn the language of the IRS and government agencies quickly. It's an education for sure. One of my choosing, of course. I'll keep you posted.