Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Bus Drivers Know Us Now

I feel like I've arrived. The bus drivers know us now. I love that. We decided to take the bus downtown early today so that we could get some errands done before the kids rode to their dad's house for the night. We grocery shopped, attended a meeting, and had passport photos taken. All within walking distance of the bus stop downtown. Keeping our dollars local is becoming increasingly important. At the camera shop, I wondered how many passport photos the owner must take in order to make his rent every month. Then I noticed that not only does he sell expensive camera equipment, but high quality art supplies as well. Now that we are using our car less, I won't be driving to Medford to shop at Costco or Target all that often. As I looked around, I was amazed at how expensive the painting canvases were. Macy loves to paint. Then I noticed all canvases were 40% off. Nice. It means a lot to me to be able to buy things like this without driving 15 miles to the next town. I'll be going back there for art supplies soon.

We chatted with friends on the patio of the health food store and then realized we were about to miss the bus. We raced to the bus stop. The kids ran ahead and made it to the stop as the bus driver was pulling up to the curb. Out of breath, I kissed each of them on top of the head and said goodbye. As I looked up to make eye contact with the driver and to tell him which stop their dad would be waiting at, he caught my eye and said, "Talent stop, right?" Yeesss. He knows us. That's totally cool. I like that I've got bus drivers on my side.

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