Sunday, April 6, 2008

Note to Self

Last night we decided to walk to a friend's birthday party. It had been a very full, busy day, and we were tired, but decided to go anyway.

There was really delicious cake and champagne and friends we hadn't seen in quite a while, so it well worth it, but by 10pm, we were cooked. The kids groaned a bit when I said it was time to go, but we bundled up and headed out into the dark, misty night.

As we walked home, we talked about all kinds of things. Important things, mostly. Things that only come up when it is dark and quiet out. Things like: the birth of the planet, other life forms, aliens, evolution, the size of the universe. Dr. Seuss' character Horton the elephant came up as well. A few stars peeked out from under the clouds.

"What if we really are just a speck, Mom?" Charley wondered as he craned his neck and looked way up into the inky blackness. "We may not even know how small we really are."

Note to self:

1. Always say yes to chocolate cake and champagne when it is within walking distance.
2. Always take the long way home so that the good stuff has time to come up.


Kelly said...

What a sweet story. I read it to my daughter (who just saw Horton hears a who) and thought it was very cute :)

piscesgrrl said...

Ah, late night chats are the BEST! One of the greatest gifts of unschooling has been that my boys would stay up late together, one in another's bed, chatting, giggling, making grand plans, answering life's deepest questions. And my kids always have their best philosophical questions late at night. Great post!