Tuesday, September 16, 2008

That's a good thing....right?

Living with a hormonal pre-teen is taking all the patience I can muster these days. I find that when I hear Janey's footsteps coming down the stairs and into the kitchen, I often feel like hiding, or pretending I'm on the phone. It can be grim.

Tonight, I got home from the grocery and she was upstairs listening to music with Charley. I didn't hear any screaming or ranting, so i breathed a sigh of relief and started dinner. Then i heard the footsteps. I braced myself, but continued making pesto (yes, it was delicious, thank you).

Janey walked into the kitchen and stared at me. Her face went from grimace to look of confusion in a split second.

Janey:"I can't remember if I was mad at you before you left for the store."

She looked perplexed. After a moment of strange silence, we burst out laughing.

Me: "That's got to be good thing, right?"

Thank god for the laughter!

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