Sunday, October 5, 2008

Checklist for the New Unschooler at LWoS

I've got a new post up at the Life Without School Community Blog. All this back to school business got me thinking about why we do what we do......let me know what you think.

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Mrs. Pivec said...

Enjoyed the list and it is helpful because I am considering unschooling... again. *sigh* I've been homeschooling from the start, but lately - the past two years - around January, I feel the urge to unschool my two girls. This year the feeling has already set in by the end of September. So, I'm trying to pay attention to these feelings - which boil down to me not having a whole lot of fun anymore, because I feel I'm checking of boxes - and try, just maybe, try letting go bit by bit or at least some... maybe a hybrid. :) I'm pitiful.

Here's a serious concern of mine and question and something that holds me back and I really hope, hope, hope that perhaps you will answer it here or provide me some links to other discussions on this:

What if your state requires your children to take annual standardized tests? Here in FL we can choose testing or a home eval., but we may be moving back to our home state of MN, which requires testing. So, if that is the case and you're not "doing math" along the same scope and sequence or if you're cool with your child not reading until they are 12, what do you do about that? Or (another concern) what if your child never cares to read Shakespeare or never wants to know what a prepositional phrase is? Do they just cram before they apply for college. I'm not suggesting that the child is living in a vacuum, but what about those basic expectations? I'm sure you are SO tired of questions like these, but I am sincere in wanting to relax more with our learning and ENJOY our time together, but these are things that hover like a dark cloud over my head and I would love to hear your opinion on this.

I think I'm going to make the rounds on a few boards too, so if you see a portion of this question there, yes, I will have copied and pasted, because I'm really looking for help with this. But, know that
I really am looking forward to an opinion from you.

And I LOVED your Naked Lady story! Too funny! I think I'd burst out laughing every time I saw her and I'll admit that I don't know what I'd do if she almost ran into me and my bike! :)