Wednesday, March 26, 2008

5 Most Hilarious Places I've Caught Macy Reading This Week

5. On the bus.
4. At the dinner table.
3. In the theater, minutes before the play opened.
2. Poolside, at the Hotsprings (she did
eventually swim).
1. In the bathroom, while brushing her teeth.

My kids have finally gotten the reading bug. I knew it would happen. I wasn't freaking out or anything. I swear, I wasn't! We're unschoolers, after all. I'm not supposed to freak out if they aren't readers by the time they're 7 years old. And really, I wasn't. Did I already say that? But when the bug hit, I have to admit, I was thrilled. Validated, I suppose. After years of telling myself, and others, that I knew they would eventually become readers, it happened. Phew.

I can't believe I'm actually hearing myself say ridiculous things like, "Put that book down right now and ________(fill in the blank)!" This is a happy problem. Janey and Macy have an unspoken contest going to see who can start and finish a book earliest in the day. Yesterday morning, by the time I was out of bed, Janey had already finished two! We're making multiple trips to the library each week now and our favorite librarians are working hard for us trying to find the next series the girls can devour. Heavenly.

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Linda said...

I can totally relate to the feeling of *knowing* it's normal yet feeling thrilled and validated at the same time. The funny thing is, being as we haven't made a big deal out of learning to read, the kids don't feel the same way. It doesn't occur to them to be excited about it, because for them reading is just a part of life.