Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Koko and Charley

Living life without school leaves lots of time for watching cool documentaires. We watched a really cool one tonight about Koko the gorilla. Remember her? I had completely forgotten all about her until I was browsing the Documentaries section on Netflix not long ago. I knew the kids would love it and I was curious to find out if she was still alive (she is) and if she still had that sweet little kitten she was cuddling on a cover of National Geographic years ago (nope, poor kitty got hit by a car).

The girls have been sick, so they were happy to watch whatever I put in front of them. Charley, however, was going to need a little help. He hates documentaries. Actually, he just thinks he does. He was glued to the screen just like the rest of us, but he needed to make sure I knew he was not happy about it. After the opening credits and introductory video-montage, Martin Sheen's voice began the narration. Charley looked over at me skeptically.

"Is this a true story mom?"
"Yep, sure is," I stared at the screen and pretended I didn't know where this was going.
"When is the actual movie gonna start, Mom?" he glared at me.
"This is the actual movie, Charley," I smiled.
"It's a documenta..."
Charley cut off Janey before she could finish, " But Mo-om, I hate documentaries."
"I know you do Charley, now be quiet and watch."

Sometimes we all just need to be heard, right? As an unschooling mom, this is probably the closest I've ever come to forcing my kids to do something educational. He could've left the room. But he didn't. It was too good. Since they've gone to bed, I've been on Koko's website reading more about her. I can't wait to tell Charley all about it in the morning.

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